always chasing light

this song came about following a comment i made on a photo by my good friend Joe Pacheco which he hashtagged #always #chasing light. my comment, ”cool title for a song” , to which his reply, ”why don’t you write one”, was the spark.
i used an old riff i’ve had for years but never knew what to do with. we’re not talking just a couple of years here. we’re talking between 25-30 years! it was inspired by one of my all time favorite songs, Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker”. so you can say it’s kind of an hommage. in this song, like most of the songs i’ve recorded so far, i use 3 different bass tracks doing three different things. i don’t own a guitar so i use bass for everything 😉 i played the beat on my old, trusty, de-tuned, crappy drum-set. added vocals, shakers and tambourine. the mix is sludgy, muddy and fuzzy on purpose. i find it adds to the theme of “always chasing light”. in music terms i guess that would be “brightening up the mix”. hope you enjoy this song as much as i’ve enjoyed recording it. thanks again Joe 🙂
check out Joe’s amazing photography on Instagram @ joepache_co

i’ve been in the dark before
then a spark just brings me forth
and i keep chasing, chasing the light
always chasing
always chasing
always chasing the light
i’ve been set apart before
just to even out the score
still i kept chasing
chasing the light
always chasing
always chasing
always chasing the light
Creative Commons License
always chasing light by Mario De Fazio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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