My Own Therapy

So this is my first post. I’m not a blogger so don’t jump all over me if I break some blogging etiquette. I needed a place to put out stuff that’s on my mind but more so my creativity. You see, I’m a musician and like most musicians in a band. I’ve been in bands for the past 30 years. Thing with being in a band is that you can’t be 100% free to create whatever you want. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with other musicians and creating music in a give and take environment but I feel I need to do something where I don’t need approval from anyone. Letting that creativity out can only help me with creative endeavours involving other musicians. That’s where the name My Own Therapy comes in. I’m planning on posting unfinished demos and ideas. Why? Because  there’s something cathartic about putting stuff into the universe and letting it go. Who knows, maybe someone else out there will see this and be inspired to do the same. I’ll be posting my first songs in the next couple of weeks.